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Zhejiang Wantaifu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

We mainly develop and produce Manual pipette tips,Automatic pipette tips,PCR plate series,PCR tube series,Centrifuge tube,Viral Transport Media,Rapid in vitro diagnostic reagents.

We are China biotechnology consumables Manufacturers and wholesale biotechnology consumables factory,the production center has 10,000-level and 100,000-level automatic production lines, which provide effective guarantee for the high precision, high sensitivity, wide linearity and high efficiency of products, convenient for customers to do flexible customization, design and processing of precision consumables, and ensure the continuous supply chain.


we are

120 Million+
Annual production

capacity (sets)

130 +
4000 m2
Plant area
85 Million+
Annual output value
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Biotechnology consumables are materials and products that are used in the field of biotechnology for research, analysis, and production purposes. These consumables are typically disposable and used in various laboratory processes.

Some common examples of biotechnology consumables include:

    Pipettes and pipette tips: These are used to accurately transfer small volumes of liquids.

    Microplates: These are used for high-throughput screening, DNA sequencing, and other assays.

    Centrifuge tubes: These are used for sample preparation, such as separating cells or removing debris.

    Syringe filters: These are used to filter samples prior to analysis.

    PCR tubes and plates: These are used for polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a technique used to amplify DNA.

    Cell culture plates and flasks: These are used to grow and maintain cells in the laboratory.

    Electrophoresis gels: These are used to separate and analyze proteins and DNA fragments.

    Petri dishes: These are used for bacterial and fungal culture.

    Serological pipettes: These are used for precise measurement of liquid volumes, typically in the range of 1-50 ml.

    Microcentrifuge tubes: These are used for centrifugation of small volumes of samples, typically in the range of 0.5-2.0 ml.

Biotechnology consumables are an essential component of modern research and development in biotechnology, and the market for these products continues to grow as new technologies emerge and research demands increase.