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Our medical consumables are made of high purity medical-grade raw materials, which are produced and sterilized in a 100,000-grade dust-free workshop to ensure no pollution of samples

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Zhejiang Wantaifu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

We mainly develop and produce Manual pipette tips,Automatic pipette tips,PCR plate series,PCR tube series,Centrifuge tube,Viral Transport Media,Rapid in vitro diagnostic reagents.

We are OEM medical consumables Manufacturers and Custom Medical Consumables Factory, the production center has 100,000-level automatic production lines, which provide effective guarantee for the high precision, high sensitivity, wide linearity and high efficiency of products, convenient for customers to do flexible customization, design and processing of precision consumables, and ensure the continuous supply chain.
Zhejiang Wantaifu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


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